We are committed to introduce fully integrated genomic and bioinformatics solutions to elevate the academia and health-care industry . This page is for you if you believe you have the drive and skills to join and make a difference in the world.

Internships - Genetic & Genomic Applications

Torrington Genomics and Bioinformatics is a startup company based in Colombo providing a range of Next Generation Sequencing based, cutting-edge genomic and bioinformatics solutions to elevate the Sri Lankan genomic research and health care sector.

As an intern in our team, you will be able to get in-depth knowledge related to advanced genomic techniques applied worldwide to overcome health challenges, get the opportunity to visit and collaborate with state of the art Next Generation Sequencing Laboratories, communicate and share the knowledge with leading molecular scientists and medical professionals in the field. You will also be guided to career pathways based on your future endeavors. 

What we expect from you!

  • You must be a recent BSc graduate with courseworks in subjects related to Molecular Biology, Genetics, Genomics, Biomedical science or Bioinformatics.
  • You should be passionate in Next Generation Sequencing related research, developing genomic experiments and analysis workflows with assistance from team members.
  • Sharing project management responsibilities with senior team scientists.
  • Good writing and communication skills

You will be appointed for a 6 months contract which is renewable upon your request after assessing your availability and performance. As we are a blooming startup, the first 3 months of your internship will be on a voluntary basis (unpaid). The company will, however, cover the costs of travel and subsistence.

You will mostly be working from your home in the first few months. Working hours and commitment is flexible. However, you are supposed to join for brainstorming sessions, scientific discussions and review meetings at pre-decided venues in Colombo to ensure the progress of the objectives. 

Before commencing work, you will be given a crash course in molecular concepts and genomic techniques to sharpen up your skills.

Upon successful completion of the training sessions, you will be tasked with researching cutting-edge genomic techniques in order to improve the outcomes of the project you have been assigned.

 Your strength will determine the sustainability of the project you drive and the impact it creates on society. Eventually, you will become a stakeholder of the noble cause of setting up the first hightech-based genomics venture in Sri Lanka that contributes towards the betterment of humanity. 

Applications are not being accepted at this time as the quota is already fulfilled. 

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